Each year we compete to guess the winner of the Academy Awards.

Number of days until the next Oscars (March 4th, 2018):


    • Ballot must be ELECTRONICALLY submitted by 3PM PST on Oscar Day, Sunday February 28th. NO EXCEPTIONS.
    • Entry fee must be received PRIOR to the telecast or your ballot will be disqualified.
    • Ties will be settled by earliest received ballot.
    • Second place finisher will win back his/her entry fee.
    • Ballots may be resubmitted as many times as you like, but each time the ballot will be stamped with a new entry date, hurting your chances in case of a tie.
    • Per tradition, last place finisher shall be known for the rest of the year as “Roger Ebert’s Bitch.”
    • Entry fee is as follows:
      • $10 – If you have a bank account linked to PayPal, you can send $10 to nichols.brent@gmail.com as a “Friend” with no transaction fees.
      • $11 – Or you can pay by credit/debit card (extra dollar is to cover transaction fees):
      • $10 – Or you can send cash/check (no COD’s) to:
th Annual Oscar Pool
Master of Ceremonies
7634 N Kellogg St
Portland, OR 97203


Year Winner Roger Ebert’s Bitch
2017 Catherine Cromer Scotty Iseri Results
2016 Brent Nichols Lacey McCarley Results
2015 Kyle and Stacey Nichols Scotty Iseri Results
2014 Erik Nichols Lindsay Moe Results
2013 Katy Zilverberg Steve Cromer Results
2012 Fred Nichols Erik Nichols Results
2011 Catherine Cromer Fred Nichols Results
2010 Hank Fradella Kyle Clonts Results
2009 Hansen Lindsay Moe Results
2008 Brent Nichols Nick Yale
2007 Hank Fradella,
Corey Miller,
Nick Yale
Matt Flaherty,
Jasmin DeLeon
2006 Ross Kerievsky,
Brendan Roe
Matt Flaherty,
David B.,
Minda Mooney
2005 Brent Nichols Jeremy Gorenstein
2004 Lacey McCarley,
Katy Zilverberg
Jeremy Gorenstein